Just a little something.

"If you love life do not waste time, for time is what life is made of"

— Bruce Lee

I’m Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

(The Image of my Eye from the Doctors office- EYE SEE YOU, WHERE YOU GOING?)

So I’ve been gone for awhile as I receded into my hole and tucked my head in the sand. Sort of like an Ostrich in a Looney Toons cartoon. I had a very serious eye injury form my fight in May that lead to me taking some time off and changed how I trained for a good six to eight months. However now that I’ve been given an A OKAY by the good old Retina Specialist, I am ready to go full speed ahead into the great unknown or wherever this crazy journey called Mixed Martial Arts takes me. 

I wont lie and tell you guys I didn’t think about throwing in the towel every single time people started training hard with one another. Having to sit sidelined ate me up inside and out! Some would even say the flame that I once had for this sport grew dim, but somehow, someway I managed to fuel the flame and fight through it all. it’s not been easy, and I have decided I’m going to be doing two or three weekly updates for those who care or give a shit or for those who find my rants time consuming. Now more then ever am I fueled, I am fueled by desire, by the angst that consumed me for the past year from that injury. I am ready for whatever comes my way. Did I mention how gooooooooood it is to be baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!


The Entrance from my fight with Josh Lange at Raging Wolf in Irving NY


A Backpack I made out of my Gi, Want to make one? Check out Robson Mauro’s link on Youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSX1oTFFCjI&feature=related)


Little bit of training at Daniel Sterling Martial Arts.


No Truer words can be spoken


Seriously tired of the wackness of it all. People can say whatever they want well fine, then I’m putting it out there, Let’s do this thing put that title up and I’ll do everything in my power to shove it so far up your ass. Nobody in specific just keep in mind I plan on ripping it back out when everything is said and done the belts coming with me if I can help it. Which I Can!


Oh yeah thats right I did it, I drained that bitch. I am sure it wont be the last time but dammit if I am not worried anymore and it beats waiting on useless Doctors who went to school for ten years to tell me about shit they don’t know anything about.